If there was any doubt in your mind about the relevance of poetry to the progressive movement, this volume should reassure you... Do not hesitate. If you love your fellow humans, your marvellous native language, and the cause of peace and Socialism, this book is for you
The Morning Star (Tom Vaughan) on Angels of Fire

Ramsay speaks of the sacred and enduring in a world lost in the secular and transient; of passion in a world that denies feeling, and of the currents of joy that offer a constantly renewed faith in the power of love as an agent of change
Kindred Spirit magazine (Roselle Angwin) on Kingdom of the Edge

Ramsay's insight is unwavering, developing simple language into memorable images
Caduceus (Lesley Quayle) on Kingdom of the Edge

An exceptional ability to write in the moment, to transcribe ecstatic experience in the act of its unfolding... few contemporaries are able to draw me in to their experience in such a way, so that saying becomes showing
Tears in the Fence (Norman Jope) on Kingdom of the Edge

Ramsay is among those who have been working most assiduously to share this archetypal language of the soul
Caduceus (Lindsay Clarke) on Alchemy

To help us realize who we really are, Ramsay doesn't force feed us with poetic language... instead he shocks the self out into the open before it has time to put its umbrella up !
One Earth (Findhorn Foundation, Alison Geddes) on Strange Days

His overriding message is one of hope and beauty as old structures die away and we are brought closer to each other and the oneness at the heart of all things
Positive News (Sally Peterson) on Kingdom of the Edge

His last book was written in a matter of hundred per cent committed... a surging energy which only very occasionally flags...
Harpers & Queen (John Horder)

This pilgrim is a mystic and this pilgrim is a shaman... a campaigning, working poet... a man who can handle landscape, nature and human beings. If his canvas is vast it is precisely because he is in awe of Nature and human kind
Resurgence (Richard McKane) on The Great Return

Here is a poet who dares the big picture, the broad canvas, writing unequivocally from the soul to the soul. It is a poetry that strives through the inner awakening of true feeling pereption to heal the wounds of a fragmented world and utter its inmost script
Caduceus (Alan Rycroft) on The Message

The poetry is passionate, morally based, filled with a sense of joy in life‚ and anger at those who would destroy it... Lyrically beautiful it may be, but it's far from sentimental
The Western Daily Press (Susie Weldon) on The Message

Ramsay's work can seem out of place, precisely because it is closer to the mainstream of poetic practice over the centuries...
Tears in the Fence (Norman Jope) on The Heart's Ragged Evangelist

A courageous attempt to communicate spiritual truth at a time when few poets dare to do so
Caduceus (Helen Moore) on Out of Time

Ramsay's poems are punctuated by phrases that leap out at you and touch your spirit as well as your heart. I try to find a good line that encapsulates what he’s saying and find myself copying whole passages
Tears in the Fence (Amy Corzine) on Places of Truth


What an outpouring...packed full of fine things !
Ted Hughes on Alchemy

It is one of those books which not only tell you something but do something as well. It is the clearest account of the alchemical process I've read
Peter Redgrove on Alchemy

Poetry is performing its true duty here through Jay Ramsay, restoring us to the innocence at the heart of our experience and celebrating its rites
Lindsay Clarke on I Ching

You are an unlocker of imprisoned souls, and true healer... a great gift to our world and the generation who are seeking for spiritual consciousness... your poems spring spontaneously from a pure well of life
Kathleen Raine (from a personal letter)