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The red and the purple volumes which are The Great Return (books 1-5) are also available from me. You can also order signed copies at £15 by cheque (cheques to 'Jay Ramsay' please) including p&p... from Dragonfly Cottage, Ackrells Hill, LITTLEHEMPSTON, nr. Totnes TQ9 6LX.

If you are having difficulty in getting hold of any of these books, please contact me directly as I have some copies.

Paper copies of my book Monuments 200pp, available from the publisher Simon Jenner at 95 Wick Hall, Furze Hill, Hove nr. Brighton BN3 1NG @ 16 incl. postage (01273-202876).

Monuments Kuan Yin Chronicles Kingdom of the Edge Local Universe
Alchemy The Heart’s Ragged Evangelist Transmissions Improvisations
Places of Truth The Poet in You Out of Time Tao Te Ching
Crucible of Love I Ching Psychic Poetry Raw Spiritual
After Rumi Anamnesis Strange Days The Opening
Knife in the Light
The Hole
In the Valley of Shadow
Into the Further Reaches Angels of Fire Transformation
Earth Ascending The White Poem I Ching
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O Caminho Do
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