Kevan Manwaring - author, storyteller and teacher

Awen Publications - publishers of fiction poetry & creative non-fiction

Bath Writers' Workshop - the home of creative writing in Bath

Christoffer de Graal - IS Deep heart connecting music, IS Life Coaching, IS Inspiring vision and action work support coaching, IS Deep enquiry workshops

Will Parfitt - personal and spiritual development with Kabbalah and its application through Psychosynthesis

The Isbourne Holistic Centre - a practical organisation devoted to the furthering of peaceful and harmonious co-existance and understanding across all cultures and belief systems through love and service

Caduceus is a quarterly journal, published for 23 years, that focuses on all aspects of healing - physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and ecological.

Will Gethin - holistic explorer and travel writer

Satori Creative - is a Graphic Design and Web Design Agency offering a holistic approach to their work for clients as both Sarah and Crockett are also healers.

The Lotus Foundation - is an umbrella organisation facilitated by Genie Poretzky-Lee. The Foundation offers a beautiful, still and sacred space for spiritual and artistic events in Central London. In an intimate setting, a small group of people can come together to experience music, poetry, workshops, healing and therapy.

Rosemary Duxbury - composer who has set some of Jay's poems to music as songs and for choir

Herewood Gabriel - Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor and Percussionist

Hawkwood College - "Hawkwood puts the TREAT in retreat!"
Hawkwood College is a lovely, welcoming 19th century country house set in its own 42-acre grounds in the Cotswolds with spectacular views over the Severn Vale. There are gardens, water features, woodland, an organic farm and an award-winning pond & wetland water treatment system. Cosy accommodation, delicious meals, excellent tutors and like-minded company make a visit to Hawkwood a memorable experience. Come and be looked after.

The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids is a spiritual group dedicated to practising, teaching, and developing Druidry as a valuable and inspiring spirituality

Philip Carr-Gomm is a writer and psychologist. He trained with Ross Nichols, the founder of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids

Genie Poretzky-Lee - painter and installation maker

IACCW - International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers

Julia McCutchen - the Writer’s Journey approach to writing a book for publication

Jehanne Mehta - is a poet and writes songs for the Earth, the Soul and the Spirit

Rosie Jackson - is a writer, workshop leader and mentor, offering inspiring support. Based in Somerset but leading workshops world-wide, she's currently working on REACH, a project taking creative writing and art into mental health care. She is also a Sufi teacher and healer. Her stories and poems have won prizes and she writes novels and creative non-fiction. "Rosie's workshops did more for me than the entire M.A. course!" (Deborah Gregory)